Friday, June 6, 2014

mini power yoga for lazy asses

Sometimes things happen in life, phases, if you will, where nothing can motivate you to get off your butt and exercise. Even if you've always done it. Even if you know it will make you feel and sleep and look better. I've recently begun to work my way out of a year of such sloth. How did I do it? Why, with mini power yoga for lazy asses, of course.

Here's how it goes:

  • Use the timer or stopwatch on your phone or device
  • Maybe get out a yoga mat if you have one, but it's not critical
  • Do 3-5 poses for one minute each. You pick 'em

I started with downward dog, a seated twist (each side one minute) and pigeon (each leg one minute) for a total of five minutes.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Nicholas A. Tonelli

You'd be surprised at how those five minutes several times a week will grow into something more and better.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


My freshman kid jumped right in to the robotics team at Ithaca High School this academic year. Weekly club meetings in the fall gave way to a full-on build season in January after they received the 2014 competition challenge "Aerial Assist" from FIRST.

in the pit with team 639
One of the first times my husband peeked into the tech room during build season, he said, "It looks they're saving the world in there..." Indeed. Watching the teams in action at the regional competitions is better than any sporting event you will ever witness. If you can't go, the competitions are streamed live. It's all so organized (pit administration!).

At the Finger Lakes Regional at RIT, it was a gas to walk around the pit area. "Robot," they yell, "robot coming through!" when they're pushing their baby in or out of the workshop area. There's crazy costumes, mascots, loud music and lots of dancing, too. It's incredibly energizing to witness all these smart young people working together and having such a good time. Like maybe there's hope after all.

Team 639 goes to the nationals in St. Louis later this month. So grateful for their dedicated mentors, teachers, and volunteers.

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